Remove Iminent Search Virus

Delete Iminent Search Virus Iminent Search is categorized as a browser hijacker virus that is commonly promoted by free downloads. It claims to act like Google search by providing multiple search services like images, videos, web content and many others, but it corrupts commonly used web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. … Read more

Flipora Removal Instructions

Flipora Removal Instructions Flipora a redirect malware, also classified a browser hijacking software, is downloaded in your system through 3rd party freeware bundles and makes unauthorized changes in your system, like changing your default homepage, and search engine, and locking these changes in. It also adds itself to your Facebook account in the form of … Read more

Eazel Toolbar Removal Tool

Eazel Toolbar Removal Tool Eazel toolbar is basically a browser hijacker that is promoted when the user attempts to do free download. Once installed, Eazel toolbar changes your browser settings of the homepage as well as the default search engine to It displays a lot of advertisements and sponsored links in your browsing sessions … Read more

Delete MysearchDial Virus

Delete Mysearchdial Virus (Permanent Uninstall Guide) MysearchDial Virus is basically a web browser hijacker that gets promoted when a user chooses free downloads. Once it gets installed, this adware will add the MySearchDial toolbar to your browser and alter your browser homepage to and set your default search engine as MysearchDial Toolbar pops … Read more

Remove 22find (Uninstall Guide)

How to Permanently Remove 22find (Virus Removal Guide) If you cannot remove 22find from your browser homepage, then you are most likely infected with 22find virus. You should consider removing 22find portal as soon as possible, because it is classified as a browser hijacker. Upon installation, this parasite will change your homepage and default search … Read more

Remove delta-homes (Removal Guide)

How to Remove delta-homes Virus? In order to remove delta-homes browser hijacker you need to clean it from your browser extensions. When it is installed, it will change your homepage and default search engine to This is not considered bad, but the parasite is considered malicious, because it will append an argument to your … Read more

Remove Discount Dragon (Removal Guide)

How to Remove Discount Dragon? In order to remove Discount Dragon, you need to clean it from the browser extensions. Discount Dragon is made for promotion ads and creating traffic.  How Did the Discount Dragon Virus Infected My Computer? The discount dragon took over your computer after you have installed a freeware software that was bundled with … Read more

How to Erase qvo6 Browser Hijacker

Qvo6 or is a annoying search engine developed by PortaldoSites. The site itself and the qvo6 is promoted using aggressive advertising methods. This has been categorized as a browser hijacker because it does not ask for user permission to change the browser homepage. The malware modifies the windows settings and sets or … Read more

Delete from Firefox

nationzoom hijack

If your Mozilla Firefox browser is hijacked by the browser hijacker. Please, follow the steps provided in the below video and you will completely get rid of nationzoom homepage. This browser hijacker may display annoying commercial advertisements. may become a part of malware network. You should take immediate actions and remove it as … Read more